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We Need To Rethink Feedback: Shifting from Evaluative to Learning-Focused

April 2nd, 2018

Topic: Blog, Feedback

Originally posted February 24, 2017 Picture this scenario—you’ve found yourself asked to provide feedback to an aspiring Olympic downhill skier. You’ve never skied before nor have you studied any of the technical side to downhill skiing. How do you focus your feedback? Well, I can offer some possible conclusions of what might happen based on a...

Big Questions and Culture Work: JEPL (Job Embedded Professional Learning)

April 2nd, 2018

Topic: Blog, Job-Embedded

by Lauren Childs Originally posted December 17, 2016 Job-embedded Professional Learning (JEPL) I drove to the second fall gathering of the JEPL network with an eagerness for the day’s conversations and with a sense of impatience to see the next steps for strengthening the efforts of this committed, proactive, and thoughtful group of school leaders. My...

Students Leading the Way

March 26th, 2018

Topic: Blog, Collaboration

Author: Judy Walton, Chief Innovation Officer, Forest Hills Public Schools Originally posted October 19, 2016. Background: During a two week trip to Australia, Judy visited several schools as a part of her interest and study on the topic of student voice. This particular post is of interest because of how student voice influences the professional...